Where can I find a list of all the county ordinances?
A list of ordinances are provided on the county website at this page. Buncombe County Ordinances

How do I take a warrant on someone?
Go to the Magistrates Office and talk with a Magistrate. They will hear your complaint direct you on the process. If your complaint justifies a warrant being issued they will help you, or they will recommend a solution to your problem.

What do I do if I see a Bear in my yard?
Go inside, close the door and leave the bear alone. Unless the bear is posing an immediate threat to persons or pets don’t call 911, call 250-6670 which is the normal dispatch number for the Sheriff’s Office. To keep bears from coming insure that you are not putting food out that attracts them. Insure that garbage is kept in proper containers and that no food comes from there for the bears. Never approach or try to photograph or in any way interact with the bear. When the bear sees there is not food available he will leave.

I have received an e-mail that informs me that I have won a prize, or money, or something. The sender needs me to send: information, or money or anything else what should I do?
These are typically e-mail scams. Never give personal information, or send money to these people. If you have questions or need additional assistance with this type question, call 250-4436 and the communicator will advise you the best course of action.

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